Loreta Bukartienė


Organizational culture in the health care field is associated with few activity elements, which is making influence on quality. This is nursing, satisfaction of the work and safety of patient. It is evident, that the organizational culture of service provider is making influence to organization of health care characteristics. This work tried to reveal typical culture peculiarity of hospital organization, to find main factors, which determines or contains influence of hospital as culture of health organization. Research instrumentations are based on Denison (2000) methodology. Model basement of organization culture consists from four culture elements: involvement, consistency, adaptability and mission. For data analysis statistical data analysis program SPSS 13.0 version was used. To define differences between some different groups was used Kruskal-Wallis test. Hypothesis about independence of two features was checked by using chi quadrat (χ²) canon. To compare variables was used percentage frequency 95% reliance intervals. Index differences counted statistical weighty, when p<0.05. To compare different rating was counted empirical averages and conventional declination. Results. N hospital has average involvement degree (mean – 2.93), average worded consistency (mean – 2.78), adaptability (mean – 2.77), mission sense (mean – 2.77). Nurses with working experience till 1 year, the same as nurses with experience 20 and more years, had more worded opinion about organization culture. Nurses with working experience 2-5 years and nurses with experience 16-20 years organization culture value weakly. Sustaining research results, is given N hospital organization culture development program.


Keyword(s): organizational culture; healthcare; quality
DOI: 10.5200/312
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