Aista Plieskienė


Radiotherapy is the most applicable method in the treatment of cancer patients. Rapid advances in radiotherapy and imaging techniques allow improvement in definition of target margins, volumes, and organs at risk. Over the last decade many radiation therapy institutions in Lithuania have integrated 3D conformal radiation therapy protocols into the spectrum of routinely applied treatment techniques. These rely on the support with three-dimensional treatment planning facilities. It is commonly understood that these techniques lead to a higher burden in terms of manpower resources as well as specialized equipment. The survey data underline a time requirements for 3D conformal treatment planning, realization and verification in Klaipeda university hospital.
A study showed very high accessibility and satisfaction with 3D conformal radiotherapy service in Western part of Lithuania since 2010.

Keyword(s): 3D conformal radiotherapy, chemoradiotherapy, accessibility of services, patient’s satisfaction.
DOI: 10.5200/95
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