Valerij Dobrovolskij, Rimantas Stukas


The aim – to explore the eating habits in 2013 of the Lithuanian population.
The sample under the survey included 1001 of the Lithuania‘s population. The interviewing under a questionnaire was carried out in March 2013 using the questionnaire developed for this purpose. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS for Windows 17 program package of support.
The results showed that only one-fifth of the Lithuanian adult population thinks about food choices for health benefits – 21.3%. Food choice is affected by the food price – 36.8%, to a lesser extent – the taste, which represents 27.9%. It is recommended to eat fresh vegetables every day, but this recommendation is shared by only 40.4%. The milk and milk products are used each day by 36.9% of the population, and 16.6% of adult Lithuanian population do not use these products. The majority – 82.2% of adult Lithuanian population most frequently used cooking vegetable oil. 43.2% of the Lithuanian population do not always eat at the same time. 59 % of the adult population eats three times a day. The majority – 92.9 % of the respondents had a snack between main meals.
Survey results proved that nutrition of the population was not health-promoting: too little fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and fish produce were consumed The majority of Lithuanian population are choosing by price. Adherence to nutrition regimens was specific to slightly more less a half of respondents.doi:10.5200/sm-hs.2013.089

Keyword(s): nutrition habits, Lithuanian population
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.089
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