Algirdas Juozulynas, Antanas Jurgelėnas, Rasa Savičiūtė, Algirdas Venalis


Growing number of older population, morbidity and mortality and etc.; all these and other growth of various needs and social structures changes requires a new look into the health, social policy and their services, because viewpoint oriented only in to the disease is already obsolete. Six of seven risk factors of early death ware distinguished in Europe (i.e.: blood pressure, coronary heart diseases, cholesterol, body mass index, low consumption of fruits and vegetables, lack of psychical activity, intemperate alcohol consumption). In addition, all of this is concerned with what we are eating, drinking and how much and often we moving.
A study has shown that even 35,7% residents of Vilnius city consumed fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Mostly of them – 40% – consume potatoes and 31,4% use meat and its products twice a week. Most important and valuable things are that the majority of all respondents indicate that they drink three to four glasses of water per day. Over 78,0% of all respondents spending time for sports from 1 hour to 30 minutes per day. Most respondents were very happy to use some various sports equipments which were established by the Municipality of Vilnius city in the different areas.
The aim: To teach (educate) and promote residents of Vilnius city to think and act properly for the healthier lifestyle to incorporate a new viewpoint how to change lifestyle for better life and health.

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Keyword(s): nutrition; physical activity; health; prevention; health promotion
DOI: 10.5200/248
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