Birutė Strukčinskienė, Sigitas Griškonis, Juozas Raistenskis, Vaiva Strukčinskaitė, Neringa Tarvydienė


The survey on physical activity in preschool children was accomplished in Klaipeda district, Lithuania. In the survey 762 preschool children participated. Chi-square test was used and the significance level p ≤0.05 was considered statistically significant. The study revealed that the majority of preschool children (73.8%) are physically active more than 3 hours per day and a fifth of respondents (20.2%) are active 1-3 hours per day; no significant differences between boys and girls were observed. The survey showed that only 40% children do not use computer even if they have one at home. Boys are more likely to use computer than that of girls (χ2 = 18,68, df = 4, p = 0,001). The study revealed that 41% of preschool children watch TV 30-60 min per day. The results revealed, that more than a half of parents subjectively think, that their child health is good. During last twelve years, the majority of preschool children have visited general practitioner because of disease. The majority of surveyed preschool children parents (91.8%) subjectively think that their child doesn‘t suffer from obesity. The study revealed that preschool children in Klaipeda district are physically active, but spend much time using computer and watching TV. The attitudes on healthy lifestyle and physical activity for children need to start formatting as earlier. Health policy on national and local level should be focused to the health-enhancing and massive physical activity in children.


Keyword(s): preschool children, healthy lifestyle, physical activity, health, health promotion
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.067
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