Vitalija Zajančkauskienė, Mindaugas Stankūnas


The aim of the study was to evaluate the attitudes of public health undergraduate students regarding the need of leadership training. Methodology. The cross sectional survey was carried out in the year 2011. The questionnaires has been distributed to all public health undergraduate students (3rd and 4th year) from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Vilnius University and Klaipeda University (N=187). Response rate was 93%. The anonymous questionnaires included both multiple-choice and open-ended questions. Results: The findings suggested that undergraduate public health students were interested to study leadership. More than a half (53.4%) of students responded that they do not have leadership course in their study programmes. More over, 54.9% of them expressed the will to have it. Majority (86.6%) of students were convinced that public health leadership skills are necessary for modern public health specialists; 63.8% considered that leadership training is the same importance as development of competences in public health area. Conclusions: The undergraduate public health students agreed that leadership skills are necessary in public health practice. Majority of students has expressed the will to have leadership training in their public health studies.

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Keyword(s): public health specialist; competences; leadership
DOI: 10.5200/364
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