Domantas Rainys, Giedrė Diržytė, Brigita Alenskaitė, Ramūnas Tamošiūnas, Alina Vilkė, Andrius Macas


Chronic wound managment is complex, full of challenges.One of the main succesful chronic wounds management step isdebridment – removal of necrotic, infected and fibrotic tissue.However, surgical manipulation is painful, that’s why is soimportant in working team anaesthesiologist for chronc woundmanagement. Patient with ulcers often have comorbidities witchare important in determining the possible intervention and requiredanesthesia techniques for surgery. Regional anesthesia combinedwith sedation may reliably maintain of pain and anxiety control,and have some advantages compared with general anesthesia.

Keyword(s): anesthesia, regional, chronic wounds, ulcers, chronic ulcers, management of ulcers, wounds healing after anesthesia
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2014.073
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