Geriuldas Žiliukas, Danguolė Drungilienė, Rima Užkurėlytė


Health care quality improves as well as patients’ insistence to medics and health care organizations. A constant growth of expenses and limitation of resources force to look for new solution possibilities of those problems. A health care institution’s governing body’s insufficient competence towards matters of health care quality management and low personnel work motivation condition patients’ and personnel’s dissatisfaction of the provided services. Two sociological researches were planned and implemented. The first research – to find out patients’ opinion, the second one – to find out the opinion of hospital’s personnel: administration, doctors and nursing specialists. 125 employees from the hospital’s personnel and 138 patients participated in this research. According to their characteristics, those patients represented all the patients that had been treated in the hospital X during the year. In order to make the patients’ survey a questionnaire composed by the International Picker Institute (Picker Institute Europe) was used. In order to make the personnel’s survey an original questionnaire modified according to the questionnaire composed by the International Picker Institute (Picker Institute Europe) and according to the accomplished literature analysis was used.
Microsoft Office Excel 2010 and SPSS Statistics 17,0 programmes were used for the analysis of the research data. It has been ascertained that most of the patients evaluated the general quality of nursing services very well or well. The positive patients‘ opinion was conditioned by their close intercourse with medics. When assessing the patients‘ and the personnel‘s general opinion about the quality of the provided services it was ascertained that the medics themselves valuates the quality of services more critically than the patients. It has been identified that too large number of patients, the lack of finances for acquisition of nursing tools and medical technologies, also insufficient salary were the most important factors impeding the effective work and the improvement of service quality in the hospital X. The security of nursing quality depends not only on legal or organizational norms, fulfilment of quality evaluation functions but also on nurses‘ attitude towards their activity and its progress, on application of a good experience, improvement of professional skills and on proper organization of nurses‘ tasks and their training.


Keyword(s): health care/nursing quality; patients‘ attitude, medics‘ opinion
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.082
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