Arvydas Šilys, Romualdas Gurevičius


The article deals with creation of new type of specialized hospital, which is merged with similar hospitals according to the health care restructuring process model, the quality of leadership and its influence to development. The hospital performance evaluation is associated with the development of strategic-management, application of the new management tools, evaluation operational effectiveness. The quality is seen in the evaluation of main hospital performance indicators (number of patients, beds, bed occupancy, bed turnover, the average duration of treatment) with accordance to objectives of Countries Healthcare Institutions Restructuring Strategy. Hospital executives focusing on the analysis of strategic decisions and influence the development since its establishment (2003), to the integration of the Vilnius University Hospital and later. The proposed assessment tools helped to evaluate process – oriented quality management and operational effectiveness.

Keyword(s): the quality of management; management decisions; assessment of the activity; benefits of activity.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2016.036
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