Nora Šiupšinskienė


The article includes comprehensive description of radiation and chemotherapy induced oral mucositis in the management of head and neck cancer. Its’ ascribes the mucositis severity grading according the classification of World Health Organization, risk factors for mucositis and also symptoms and signs. Differential diagnosis and summarise data on the sequences of oral mucositis are included as well. Evidence-based recommendations for prevention and treatment strategy for oral mucositis based on international guidelines are highlighted. Local treatment methods, that efficacy for oral mucositis are proven such as mouthwash with benzydamine hydrochloride, morphine or doxepin solutions, low intensity and spectrum laser therapy, crioterapy are indicated. Systemic treatment principles also are presented

Keyword(s): oral mucositis, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, evidence based prevention, management.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2014.026
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