Monika Jadzevičiūtė, Zdislavas Skvarciany, Juozas Raistenskis, Daiva Šatkutė


International Classification of Functioning, Disabilty and Health – Children and youth Version helps us to accurately evaluate the health of children and to identify areas that causes most problems to them. Using ICF enables us to accurately assess independency problems of children and to create the most accurate rehabilitation program. Independency – a degree of autonomy, an independence from outside factors. Children who suffer from the neurological, musculatory or skeletal ilnesses and/ or have some degree of body funcion disorders lose their independency. That is why there is necessity to use the right tool for evaluation of these factors which would also help patients to obtain maximum independency possible.
A research at Vilnius University Hospital „Santariškių Klinikos“ Childrens Unit was performed using questionnaires and ICF-CY to evaluate independency of children. Research included 30 patients who attended occupational therapy sessions. Most difficulties encountered by the second group of patients were in self-care area. In the mobility area, the patients from the first study group were independent, however, majority of difficulties were encountered also by the second group. Both – the first and the second group encountered some difficulties in learning area. Environmental factors for the second group were identified as a big handicap, but only for two patients in the first group these factors played a roll of a small handicap.

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Keyword(s): International Classification of Functioning; Disability and Health – Children and Youth Version ICF – CY; activities; participations and independency
DOI: 10.5200/370
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