Aistė Vainiūtė, Ieva Eglė Jamontaitė


The aim of research is to evaluate the impact of preoperative education of patients functional status after anterior cruciate ligament plastic (ACL). The research included 21 patients (age 32,9 ± 9,99 years). They were randomly divided into two groups: an experimental group to which a comprehensive preoperative training was applied and a recommended home exercise program was given and a control group which received a brief oral training and an ordinary memory note. Measurement of clinical indicators was carried out the day before the ACL plastic and a month after. The data was calculated applying the Stjudent‘s (t) criteria, significance level p<0.05. A month after ACL plastic both groups functional status deteriorated, but the experimental group’s subjective knee joint condition, extension and flexion amplitude, pain, swelling, thigh and calf muscles hypotrophy, isometric calf flexural and extensor muscle strength evaluation results were better than these of the control group.

Keyword(s): anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction; education; functional status.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2016.047
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