Salomėja Burneikaitė, Valda Šertvytienė, Andrius Stasiulis


The article reveals the experience of application of drama therapy during occupational therapy studies. Drama therapy is presented as one of the fields of art therapy. The experiences of group involvement during drama therapy lectures, while developing a process drama, are discussed, and a personal view of students towards the impact of drama therapy is analysed. The questionnaire survey, conducted during empirical research, and the assessment of monitoring process demonstrated that students feel and perceive the impact of drama therapy methods. Group development of process drama helped to reveal themselves and to use personal creativity, when looking for the best solutions under non-standard circumstances. Responses to questionnaire questions show that the expectations and views towards drama therapy changed, while feeling the creative mood of group during sessions. All surveyed students acknowledged that they had experienced good emotions, had felt closer, had known something new about themselves, while taking part in drama therapy sessions. Thus, it might be stated that interactive drama methods and development of process drama is a suitable method for integrated learning of important subjects, when preparing for practice of occupational therapist.

Keyword(s): occupation therapy; drama therapy; process drama; interactive drama methods
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.044
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