Rasa Tamulienė, Daiva Mačiulienė, Vesta Žukauskaitė


The aim of the research, presented in this article, was to identify dental assistant’s job satisfaction and it influencing factors. 73 dental assistants took part in the research and the written survey research method for data collection has been used. The results of the research showed that the biggest part of dental assistants have low or very low satisfaction with they job. It has been found out that relationship with collegues and the leaders of the clinic are the key factors, which influence low job satisfaction. The results have showed that job satisfaction doesn’t statistical significant differ because of workload, the type of the clinic, the number of dentists, with whom their work, the type of dental assistant qualification their got and the level of education. It has been found that the level of dental assistant’s job satisfaction statistical significant differ because of the age and work experience. The results have showed, that dental assistants, who are older and have longer work experience are more satisfied with their job.

Keyword(s): dental assistant; job satisfaction.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2016.122
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