Valentinas Mačiulis, Alma Buginytė, Fausta Mickienė


Aim of the work: to reveal the association between the objectivequality of life and its subjective estimation by patients with mentaldisorders according to some indicators of quality of life specificto mental disorder.The first part of the work reviews the main disorders and theirpsychological and social consequences, the definition and indicatorsof quality of life and its objective estimation, the influence of social,psychological factors and patient’s condition on the subjectiveestimation of quality of life.The second part contains questionnaire data collected from 100adult patients during their stay at the hospital. The respondents estimated their own health mostly as good,although the majority of them were long term patients with frequentreadmissions, jobless due to their condition, and living ondisablement allowances and social support. Some had irregularjobs or were engaged in some craft. Most of them resided withtheir relatives and estimated their living conditions as partially orrather satisfactory.The respondents’ social communication was limited to theirnearest relatives and everyday needs. A few were regularly involvedin community activities. Most patients were satisfied withtheir social communication, however participation in communityactivities did not respond to their expectations.Most people with mental disorders believed they could go ontheir own in everyday life, however they had difficulties in contactingother people and keeping relations with them.The respondents also believed that due to mental illness theirlife changed and its quality became poorer. They attributed themselvesto unlucky people, nevertheless they considered their life inthe whole satisfactory or good. They would like to modify their life,but just a few were convinced to be able to manage on their own.They would like to be supported by their relatives and workersof various institutions.

Keyword(s): mental disorders, mental illness consequences, quality of life
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.015
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