Povilas Žukauskas, Jurgita Daukšienė, Loreta Kubilienė, Rima Jūratė Gerbutavičienė, Vaidas Skyrius, Raimondas Radžiūnas


Home medication box – the mirror of whole family medications consumption habits. Family home medication box composition and medications storage order can be a serious indicator that reflects family life, social status, and medication usage. The aim: To evaluate Pharmacy Faculty students families home medication boxes content, storage conditions, value and sources of information which determines home medication box composition. Method: A questionnaire was prepared to perform the research. The research involved 182 first-year and fifth-year students. The study done in 2012. May – October. Results: The families of first-year Pharmacy Faculty students which keeps medications not in original packaging, has medications with passed expiration period in their home medication boxes more often (50.00%) than fifth-year students families (37.50%) (p>0.05). Pharmacy faculty students families containing 4 people usually keep medication of each family member in one place (p<0.001). Conclusions: Pharmacy Faculty students responsibly evaluate home medication box storage conditions and have one special person who is responsible for home medication box composition. Fifth-year Pharmacy Faculty students have a greater influence on home medication box composition than firstyear students.Article in Lithuanian

Keyword(s): home medication box; self-treatment; students; medication storage
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.124
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