Jūratė Samėnienė, Raimondas Savickas, Brigita Sarkanaitė, Greta Žemaitytė, Reda Vaitkevičiūtė, Aistė Slavinskaitė, Marius Atkočiūnas


This year is a compassion year, so some attention is given to disabled person‘s problems in Lithuania. Disabled persons should not only develop their spirit, but community admit that they are full citizens. Aim is to evaluate legal base in Lithuania, which protects disabled person’s interests, also evaluate disability reflective statistic index dynamics in a period of ten years, according to most common children and adults primary disability reasons. The main document, which protects Lithuanian disabled person’s interests, is well-built legal base called ,,Lithuanian Republic disabled person’s social integration law’’. This law make chances to objectively evaluate person’s ability to work, get necessary medical, professional and social rehabilitation services and payments. In 2015 in Lithuania lived 260155 disabled persons. 5,9 per cent of them was disabled children (15544 persons). The most common primary disability reasons for different sex and age groups: in 18 – 30 years age group – mental and behavior disorders, prevailing in men‘s group; in 30 – 45 years age group – tumor cases, prevailing in women‘s group; in 45 – 64 years age group – cardiovascular diseases, prevailing in men‘s group. Among persons till 18 years old (boys and girls) primary disability reasons are: mental and behavior disorders (42 per cent), congenital formation vices, deformations and chromosome abnormalities (17 per cent), nervous system diseases (9 per cent).

Keyword(s): disability; disabled person; primary disability; legal base.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2016.051
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