Audronė Astrauskienė, Jovita Vilkienė, Ieva Cesevičiūtė, Irina Klizienė


The Aim of the Research – to establish physical activitydetermination of the physical education teachers, their’s age andbody mass index.Materials and Methods of this Research. The Researchwas conducted during January of year 2013 in the schools andgymansiums of Kaišiadorys Town. The Research was executed.The Participants of this Research were 20 Teachers of PhysicalEducation from mentioned schools and gymansiums with age of30 up to 65 years old. Participants of this Research had the tasksto complete the short form of International Physical ActivityQuestionnaire, it means four parts of mentioned Questionnaire,and on this information was detected their‘s physical activityintensity. Befor Research the Participants had to note their gender,age, height and weight with the purpose to determine their bodymass index. Participants were composed into three Groups: 1stgroup – experiencing a high level of physical activity (AFA), 2ndgroup – experiencing moderate physical activity (VFA), 3rd group– experiencing low physical activity (MFA).Results of Research. There was detected, that dominant ageof Teachers of Physical Education is 51-60 years old in the Cityschools (50 %), and (60 %) in the District Regional schools.Comparing the age distribution among Teachers of PhysicalEducation in the City and the , there were no essential differencesdetected (χ2 = 3,09; df = 3; p > 0,05).Conclusion. Dominant age of Teachers of Physical Education is50-60 years old in the City and Regional schools. The normal bodymass index was detected for 60 % Teachers of Physical Educationin the City, otherwise, 60 % Teachers of Physical Education in theRegional schools have the Overweight.

Keyword(s): physical activity, body mass index, teachers of physical education
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2014.116
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