Danielius Serapinas, Mantas Sauspreskis, Justinas Žiūraitis, Diana Barkauskienė, Marius Žemaitis, Raimundas Sakalauskas


It is essential to confirm or exclude the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis in time and with accuracy in order to avoid inappropriate testing. The aims of this study was to determine features of Cl ions concentration in patients sweat test that were suspected having cystic fibrosis and to evaluate correlation between this concentration and C reactive protein levels in serum. Results showed, that 9 out of 48 patients (18,75 % ) showed higher than normal Cl ions concentration values. 6 of them (12,5%) had a borderline concentration, while 3 (6,25%) were pos- sitive according to Cl ions concentration test. Mean value of Cl ions concentration in males sweat was 25,37 mmol/l (p<0,05; PI=21,05-30,40) and there was no statistical significance compared to mean Cl ions concentration in females sweat which was 24,44 mmol/l (p<0,05; PI=19,96-28,91). All genetic tests‘ results were negative for CFTR gene mutations. CRP test was performed in 17 cases (35,42%). No statisticaly significant correlation between concentration of Cl ions in sweat and serum CRP was found (r= -0,16; p=0,531 ). No statisticaly significant difference between Cl ions concentrations in sweat test according to gender was found in examined group. In our study no mutations of CFTR gene were found. Statisticaly significant correlation between Cl ions concentration in sweat test and se- rum CRP level was not found.

Keyword(s): health; chlorine concentration; child
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.026
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