Vaidotas Urbonas, Daiva Čižauskaitė, Monika Jašinskaitė


Nutrition has big influence on health. In this study we asked parents to answer questions about their children diet. We have got information on 199 children who were treated due to various acute diseases at Children Hospital. Children were from 3 to 15 years old, they came to the hospital from different Lithuanian regions.
Results. Lithuanian children eat too little fish, only 7% ate 3 and more times a week. Products of other groups (fruits, vegetables, diary products, meat) children ate according to nutrition recommendations. According to our data four and more times a week 97.5% of children ate diary products, 80.4% fruits, 71.4% vegetables, 57.1% meat.
Conclusion. Lithuanian children eat not enough fish but other products (milk products, fruits, vegetables, meat) they eat according recommendations.

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Keyword(s): children; diet
DOI: 10.5200/376
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