Jurgita Gulbinienė, Roberta Dolinskaitė, Daiva Kriukelytė, Aušra Lekauskaitė


Aim of the research: to reveal the nurses‘, oncological disease having children and their parents communication needs and satisfaction of the communication quality. The research was done in one Lithuanian hospital. The research of qualitative type was applied in this paper. There were 9 respondents in this research: 3 children having the oncological disease, 3 mothers and 3 nurses who are working in oncology department.
Children who have oncological disease and their parents most of their time spend in the hospital therefore change communication with their relatives and friends. Parents being in hospital miss the nurses‘quick response to the complaints, understanding, honesty and support. Children want more communicate with nurses, more smiles and understanding. The result of nurses showed, that is easier to communicate with a child (and their parents) who has been ill for a longer time than newly ill children and their parents. The factors that prevent from the efficient communication with children having oncologic disease and their parents are these: too large workload, the lack of time for communicating, physical and mental weariness.

Keyword(s): nurses; children having oncologic disease; communication
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.122
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