Sandra Šileikaitė


Nowadays in Lithuania there is a lack of theoretical solutions for effective public administration theories of various models used for nursing services sector for modernization and development. Aim of this article is to examine the trends in nursing and to offer strategic solutions for the modernization of nursing services with guidelines of public administration. During this study we analyzed policy documents, legislation of EU countries and Lithuania, we made strategic decisions of nursing services. We discussed the concept, issues and problems of modern nursing‘s role in society. How to improve, to develop nursing services, what are for the research priorities for the theories of comparative analysis of theories and their applicability to improve medical care, research methodology. How we can use public administration to improve the development of nursing service, structure, to analyze dynamics, management and situation in Lithuania.

Keyword(s): primary health care, out-patient health care, home nursing, nursing, palliative care, modernization of nursing services.
DOI: 10.5200/181
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