Dalia Verbylė, Virginija Kondratavičienė


The article presents the attitude to education of values as important object and actual problem in humanities and social science. With reference to theorethical and empirical data, the article describes the attitude of the former social workers to study subjects of Social work study programe from values point of view, so reporting the aims of content of values education objectives and education of it in Social work study subjects. Speaking in terms, the all objectives of content of values education are connected with a content of values, knowledge of self and others are important, preparing the social workers. These objectives were evaluated very positively and positively by most of the respondents. For absolute majority of students the most important study subjects from values point of view is Introduction to philosophy, Values and ethics in social work. Also half of respondents appreciated Practice, Common psyhology, Psychology of personality and Communicative psychology. Other study subjects got less attention from the students from their values point of view. Respondents notice a little bit more education of values integrated in common subjects rather than in the subjects of speciality. Elective cources as Planning of family and Etiquette were evaluated by just two students. Former social workers suggested the following elective study subjects as very important ones for education of values in Social work study programe: Ecology, Education of values, International social work, Social work with youth, Difficult experience and consultation and Healthy lifestyle.


Keyword(s): values, education of values, study subjects, objectives of education of values, evaluation
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.106
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