Jolanta Sondaitė, Loreta Bukartienė


Patient teaching is concurrent of nursing, which is important for many patients and takes important place in today’s health care system. The main role for organize health teaching is attached to nurse. As the patient may become independent and could take care for himself, it is needed to develop patent’s teaching area and to value his demand. Rising advanced number of operation, the demand of teaching patients is growing too. This research tried to value static surgical and day surgical patient’s teaching demand in early post-operative period, also to compare with day surgical and static surgical patient’s teaching demand. For data analysis statistical data analysis program SPSS 13.0 version was used. Hypothesis about independence of two features was checked by using chi quadrat (χ²) canon. To compare variables was used percentage frequency 95% reliance intervals. Index differences counted statistical weighty, when p<0.05. The results of research showed that inpatient surgical patients in period before operation are taught of exercises which help to escape of complications in period of post-operation. Patients get information about their care and nursing. From the survey results we can see that day surgery patients are more taught and they are given more information than inpatient surgical patients.


Keyword(s): surgical nursing; preoperative; postoperative period; education; day of surgery
DOI: 10.5200/313
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