Lina Mimgaudytė, Lolita Rapolienė


One’s health and well-being are influenced by many different things, including lifestyle, family history, emotional health, and nutrition/eating habits. Aim of study: to analyze adult nutritional habits. Metodology. We have used quantitative research methodsurvey. Questions were made according Healthy Lifestyle Assessment questionnaire. The study included 120 participants of 18 – 75 years old.. Statistical analysis was made by Microsoft Office Excel. Results. It was found that in the first place by consumption is meat and its products (24.1 percent in men and women), milk and its products are used by 15 percent female and 2.5-male, fruits and vegetables – by 14 percent women and 4 percent men and cerealbased products- by 14 percent women and 1.7-men. 18.3 percent of woman and men using meat on a daily basis; fresh vegetables and fruit daily use 35.8 percent of women and 10 – male, milk products- 25 percent of women and 13.3 -male, grain products- 22.5 percent of women and 7.5 – men, sweets- 17.5 percent of women and 10 – men. In the majority cases fish and its products adults eat only 1 time per week (41.7 percent women and 20- men). Interest in food composition show 60.8 percent of women and 22.5- men, and wish to improve the nutrition have half of women and fifth part of men. Moderate physical activity (30 – 60 min. 5-7 days a week) typical only in 16.7 percent of women and 14.2 -men; once weekly alcohol consumption is in 7.5 percent of men and 5.8 – women; 51.7 percent of women and only 13.3 percent of men do not have smoking habit. Conclusions. A large part of Western Lithuania’s population is unhealthy, has irregular meals, excessive consumption of meat, insufficient vegetables and fruits also grain products. The stronger emphasis on public nutrition, education and health promotion is needed.

Keyword(s): health; lifestyle; nutrition.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.111
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