Kęstutis Štaras, Tomas Vedlūga, Neringa Kalvelytė


Quality of health care, management and customization is becoming one of the most important health care priorities in Lithuania and in other European countries and worldwide.
Objektive. To summarizes the improvement measures of health care service access and acceptability and estimate and analyze the Vilnius patients opinion about health care services. Health care institutions provide health care services, make the prevention of illness to ensure quality and welfare of all population. Based on the theoretical and methodological literature summaries and results of patient satisfaction surveys are providing conclusions about improvement of quality service in the availability and acceptability aspects. Public opinion on health care services is one of the many health care quality indicators. Quality service in an integrated and systematic assessment should be carried out in terms of the quality management system according to the patients perceived quality, documents of internal quality, annual work plans and regulations, quality management system procedures descriptions. An important factor is a registration of incongruity indicators, their periodical analysis and health care quality improvement based on the results of analysis.
These factors helps for health care institutions targeted to improve quality of service.


Keyword(s): quality management, access, health care quality and acceptability
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.088
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