Margarita Staniūtė


Patients with type II diabetes often feel tired, weak, complaining about lack of energy, but this problem is a little examines. The aim of
the study was to examine patients with type II diabetes experiencing fatigue according to the sociodemographic factors, duration of illness and complications, according to psychoemotional status and diabetes management success. There were analyzed 211 patients with type II diabetes. Fatigue was evaluated by using The Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory, psychoemotional status – by HAD scale. It was found that gender was not related with fatigue and greater fatigue experience older patients, patients with long term duration of illness and complications, patients with symptoms of anxiety and depression. Less fatigue was associated with better management of nutrition and physical activity, less frequent episodes of hypoglycaemia.

Keyword(s): fatigue, anxiety, depression, type 2 diabetes.
DOI: 10.5200/222
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