Sławomir Ślaski


Aim: to verify hypotheses about differences in the level of satisfaction with life and its aspects, as well as aggression in the ACoA and the control group, and the relationship between satisfaction and aggression in these groups. Method: The sample consisted of 100 people living in Warsaw. Among the respondents were 58 men and 42 women. Everyone involved in the study was over 18 years of age, the oldest tested was 25 years old. The average age was 23.3. The study used The Life Satisfaction Questionnaire (KZZ), to examine the level of aggression Inventory of Psychological Aggression Syndrome (IPSA) and to explore the emergence of the group of ACoA – Questionnaire for Research Place in the Family. Results: ACoA show lower life satisfaction and higher levels of aggression than the control group.

Keyword(s): ACoA; aggression; life satisfaction.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2016.009
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