Vinsas Janušonis, Jurgita Vaitiekienė


The aim of the study – to analyze and estimate patients’ experience of falls and its attitude on risk factors and prevention of falls in hospitals. Material and methods. From December 2011 to February 2012, the survey was performed in Klaipeda university hospital. The study included 107 patients with falls experience in difference hospitals of Lithuania (the selection was made from 758 registered patients). Information was collected with special questionnaire. Statistical data analysis was done using programme SP SS 17.0.1 Results. Patients were divided into two groups – with major experience and with less experience of falls. The sources, risk factors, prevention of patients falls in hospital was analyzed. Risk factors was act frequently on the patients’ group with major experience of falls. The assessment of falls prevention in hospitals between groups was without disparity. Conclusion. The more often sources of inpatients falls in hospitals of Lithuania in its opinion are dizziness and disorder of balance and walk. The mostly risk factors of inpatients falls in its opinion are nervous and base – movement systems disorders, environment and medicines. The inpatients with major experience of falls had falls more frequently than patients with less experience. The most useful aspects of prevention of in patients’ falls in patients opinion are communication, training, modern nursing technologies and suitable environment.


Keyword(s): patients’ falls in hospitals, risk factors of falls, prevention of patients’ falls in hospitals
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.065
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