Laimutė Samsonienė, Lukas Šverčiauskas


Research has shown that physical activity regardless ofdisabled, enhances a person‘s physical characteristics, increaseindependence and improve quality of life. The aim – to evaluate theapplication of physical activities (TFVP) on the sciatic volleyballathletes physical properties development. Analyzes were carriedout in 2014 February – April. Participated in Vilnius Phoenix„sheltered seating 8 volleyball team athletes with disabilities.TFVP disabled volleyball applied for 6 weeks. Sciatic volleyballathletes were trained in the techniques of regular exercise. Later,self-trained. Training was held 2 times a week for at least 72 hoursintervals. Training time – no longer than 45 minutes, not includingthe warm-up for the time. After strength training exercise wascarried out in the sciatic volleyball technical elements trained todominate the situation. The physical characteristics of the athleteswere tested before and after TFVP 6 weeks. Numerical calculationswere performed with standard Microsoft Excel for Windows 2003operating program and mathematical statistics program SPSS19.0. Adapted physical activity program from 6 weeks improveddisabled athletes and the physical parameters of complex physicalfitness indicators.

Keyword(s): athletes with disabilities, complex physical preparation, adapted physical activity program
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2014.117
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