Scientific articles in the journal Healthy Sciences wish to be published not only by authors with extensive experience, but also by those who are starting to follow the scientific path. A scientific article by both authors may meet the review criteria if it is written in accordance with all the requirements of the journal. For this reason, the journal in Lithuanian and English publishes “Requirements for a scientific article in the journal “Health Sciences”. They are available on the magazine’s website in the “Information to authors” section.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief carries out a preliminary evaluation of the articles and rejects those articles that do not meet the requirements of the scientific journal. Only articles that have passed a pre-selection are given for review. The members of the editorial board selected in accordance with the relevant area shall verify the methodological validity of the arguments submitted, the appropriateness of the sources quoted, the originality of the study presented and its conclusions, etc. Admittedly, the review does not allow you to determine whether the data provided in the article is correct, but undoubtedly the review contributes to improving the quality of the article. Therefore, the editorial of the magazine from the authors requires written confirmation that the article is original, does not violate the copyright of other persons and is not previously published in the press or planned to be served on other magazines. The final decision on publishing the article is taken by the Chief Executive Officer. editor, taking into account the assessments and comments of reviewers and members of the editorial board. The magazine uses the usual “single”, and most often “double blind” review: reviewers do not know who the authors of the peer-reviewed article are; authors do not know who has reviewed the article submitted. If the problem of the submitted article is interdisciplinary, one review is a scientist in the field of co-ordnance of science. Articles submitted to the journal shall be reviewed by at least two members of the editorial board selected accordingly in the field of scientific activity.

A special form is available for the preparation of the review, which is available on the magazine’s website: in the “Reviewers” section. The review can also be written in free form. After review, depending on the comments, the article may be returned to the authors for correction. The request for an article adjustment does not guarantee that the revised article will be accepted for printing. The corrected articles are submitted to the reviewers of the magazine’s editorial board with a detailed answer about the corrections made (corrections in the text of the article are marked in a different color).

The magazine has been using the CrossRef system for several years, which makes it easy to discover the publication or quote mentioned in the article. Each peer-reviewed article in the journal is assigned a DOI index that makes the list of articles interactive. This allows you to access other publications quoted in the text of the magazine. Other authors can also see who quoted the text he published and where.