Raimonda Jonikaitė, Indrė Brasaitė


Nurses in their work are exposed to the factors that affect their health, working capacity and physical state: high physical workload, night shifts, psychological violence, organizational drawbacks, job duties stressors. Life and work satisfaction depends on these factors and influences quality of care, patient safety, employee retention and their commitment to the organization and the profession. The sample size consisted of 69 intensive care and surgical department nurses working in Klaipeda hospitals. The quantitative study was conducted in accordance with ethical principles. Life satisfaction questionnaire – short form was used in the survey. The data were processed with SPSS program (version 22). The results showed that intensive work and manual patient lifting are the most common nurse work environment risk factors. Nurses rated their satisfaction with life better than average (66.8 percent). The results showed that nurses who often have to lift patients manually are less satisfied with life.

Keyword(s): nurse; life satisfaction; work environmental risk factors.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2016.120
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