Algimantas Šimkaitis, Loreta Radvinskienė, Vinsas Janušonis, Eugenijus Zalagėnas


Article presents meta-analysis of previous studies; experience at Klaipeda University hospital is outlined. The case of polytrauma with letal outcome is being described. The patient was diagnosed with multiple vertebral and limb fractures, suspected pulmonary contussion, alleged cause of death – hypovolemia due to suspected internal hemorrhage. The direct mechanism of death was not completelly understood, therefore, in view of academic interest, the desicion was to perform virtopsy DSKT?, at which bilateral pleural effussions of up to 2000 ml of intensive fluid was discovered, together with multiple bone fractures. Forensic investigation later confirmed multiple fractures of thoracic vertebrae, limb fractures, massive bilateral hemothorax. The proposed hypothesis of acute hemothorax as a cause of hypovolemic shock with adverse outcome has been confirmed.


Keyword(s): post-mortem examination, autopsy, virtopsy
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.080
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