Ričardas Janilionis, Pierre-Emmanuel Falcoz, Vytautas Jovaišas, Žymantas Jagelavičius


Sternal nonunion as a result of cardiac intervention or trauma remains a morbid condition with serious sequelae. Patients often report pain with breathing, coughing, and/or movement. The authors present two patients that were diagnosed with sterile nonunion after cardiac procedure (1) or trauma (1). The cardiac patient presented after 48 months after his cardiac procedure; trauma patient presented 24 months after the accident.Diagnosis was made based on the clinical triad of sternal instability, pain, and absence of infection. Management with open stabilisation using titanium implants (Strasbourg Thorax Osteosyntheses System-STRATOS, MedXpert GmbH, Heitersheim, Germany) was performed in both patients. This was the first experience, using such implants in Lithuania. There was no incidence of subsequent infection. Pain previously due to chest instability completely resolved in both patients. The bone healing was assessed clinically with the absence of instability and pain and follow-up chest radiographs.

Keyword(s): sternum fracture, sternal non-union, sternotomy, sternal osteosynthesis, chest instability, STRATOS.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2014.021
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