Ilona Kupčikienė


Schizophrenia is chronical psychic disorder, that effects all aspects of a person, including whole personality, social life and adaptation. The centre of Psychical health uses integrated treatment of people who have schizophrenia, to help them blend into society properly and to make quality of their lifes better. Art therapy is quite a new method of threatment, and it is used more and more often as a part of integrated treatment of people who have schizophrenical disorder. That is why it is important to find out wether art therapy is useful for patients, and if that is so, what is effectiveness of it.
Aim of the paper – to analyse the use of art therapy that is used in Psychical Health Centre for people, who have schizophrenia.
The object of the research – the use of art therapy, that is used to cure people who have schizophrenia.
Research method. Quantitative. Non-probable objective survey of 30 respondents – persons who have schizophrenia and who were under art therapy treatment in Psychical Health Centre.
Conclusions of the research. Data of the research revealed that art therapy was useful for all of the respondents. One third of respondents mentioned, that art therapy was useful, because it improved their social interacting skills, and more then one fourth of respondents noticed, that their emotional condition got better. Art therapy was useful to improve interacting skills mostly because of possibility to name their emotions and thoughts, to feel understood and appreciated during the therapy. Emotional condition was improved by such things like ability to express their fears, pain, sadness, ander, despair and to get rid of their inner tention. Participants also mentioned that art therapy was useful for improval of their imagination, self confidence and motivation to take part in various activities.

Keyword(s): schizophrenia, art therapy, mental health.
DOI: 10.5200/161
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