Urszula Dudziak


The beginnings of the training in the field of methods of fertility recognition in Poland are owed to community workers engaged in the activity of Catholic Church.  On Teresa Strzembosz’s initiative, sympto-thermal method was introduced to groups of engaged couples as soon as in 1956/7. Education in the range of responsible parenthood was the only way of countermeasures against abortion [1]. Thanks to the Centre in Birmingham, the possibility of obtaining international certificates by teachers of natural family planning entitling to transmitting down the knowledge of natural family planning has been opened since 1989. When a new field of study defined as family studies appeared in Catholic University of Lublin, family planning method exercises were indispensable in its program.  Students taking classes may content themselves with the course credit by obtaining an entry in student’s record; they may also decide to sit additional exams leading to obtaining a certificate issued by Main Board of Polish Association of Natural Family Planning Teachers. The participating students voice their opinions on the knowledge and ability to recognize fertile and infertile days in the cycle which they had got by participating in the classes.

Keyword(s): Natural family planning, student training, responsible parenthood.
DOI: 10.5200/53
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