Birutė Strukčinskienė, Sabine Distl, Sigitas Griškonis


Injuries remain to be one of the leading causes of de­ath and disability in any region of the world. Interna­tional Safe Community Programme is most important programme for injury prevention and safety promo­tion in community. The aim of study was to introduce the concept of Safe Community as a successful tool for injury prevention and safety promotion. For this study, the scientific literature overview, document analysis, and descriptive analysis were used.

The Safe Community model is a long-term, sustaina­ble, and coordinated program, based on partnership and collaboration, covering all genders, ages, envi­ronments, and situations. Safe Community concept targets vulnerable groups and high-risk environments. Programme documents the frequency and causes of injuries, and has evaluation mechanisms. Commu­nity itself play the leading role in Safe Community. Reduced injury rate/morbidity, disability, and mor­tality from injuries, and improved quality of life, are the results of comprehensive sustainable preventive work at the community level. The subcategory Safe Schools are promising preventive programmes in­tended to enhance child safety.

Keyword(s): Safe Community, injury prevention, safety promotion.
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