Pranas Šniuolis


During period 2007- 2010 years, 14 patients with colostomy we have been operated in Klaipëda university hospital. For 11 patient were reversal of Hartmann‘s procedure was done in open technique, and for 11 patiens was done the laparoscopic decolostomy. Results were compared: operation and hospitalization time, wound infection, ileus, blood loss and dehistense of anastomosis, mortality and morbidity. Result were compared: patiens activity, analgeting consupsion, peristaltics recovery, patiens satisfaction by operation. Laparoscopic reversal of Hartmann‘s procedure – decolostomy is safe, has fewer complications and shorter hospital stays, better cosmesis and satisfaction of patient and surgerons. Is necessary to perform more laparoscopic decolostomies, and erlier, than 6 weeks after first operation.

Keyword(s): the laparoscopic, decolostomy.
DOI: 10.5200/115
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