Jurgita Gulbinienė, Ugnė Žalkauskaitė


The aim of study was to evaluate the change quality of life of ostomy patients after reconstructive rehabilitation treatment. The study was performed in two Lithuanian‘s sanatoriums. The study was made in two stages. We questioner 40 patients, who arrived to sanatoriums for rehabilitation after ostomy operation. Patient‘s were asked to answer the questionnaires in the first day of stay and 3 month after operation. Questionnaires: Ostomate Quality of Life (QOL) Survey and 15 supplementary question were used. The results of the study show that after three months following ostomy operation patient‘s quality of life improves significantly. The results of the study show that stress level was significantly lower (77,5 percent) in three months after having an intestine stoma operation, physical condition got better (80 percent), psychological state (75 percent), self-evaluation (72,5 percent), sexuality (52,5 percent), activeness has risen as well (85 percent) (p<0,05). Patients education began in a hospital and is continued at the sanatorium. Ostomy patients were introduced about changing the colostomy pouches and parastomal skin care. It is important to note that at the sanatorium the majority of ostomy patients receive information about nutrition peculiarities. Conclusions. The quality of life of ostomy patients improved significantly in many areas after reconstructive rehabilitation treatment.


Article in Lithuanian

Keyword(s): patient; ostomy; quality of life; patients education
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.055
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