Jonas Sąlyga


The study was carried out by a questionnaire–based survey in November–December of 2008 at the Maritime Medicine Centre of Klaipeda Seafarers‘ Hospital. The case group consisted of 998 Lithuanian seafarers aged 20 to 64 years. The questionnaire comprised 28 questions related to the following domins of the studied: 1) sociodemographic data – 5 questions;  2) maritime industry factors and seafarers‘ lifestyle habits – 16 questions;  3) subjective health evaluation and satisfaction with medical service.– 7 questions. Statistical analysis was performed with SPSS 11.5
The potential social problems of seafarers who experience health problems are associated with the following factors influencing these problems: older age (55–64), work duration from 9 to 10 hours round the clock, vibration, electromagnetic field, disturbed work and testing regime resulting from time zone chantes, character of work (most frequently – sedentary), not sufficient frequency of physical exercises, a longer smoking duration, alcohol consumption, more frequent intake of painkillers and sedatives, dissatisfaction with medical service.

Keyword(s): health problems of seafarers, maritime industry factors, lifestyle habits.
DOI: 10.5200/186
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