Loreta Valatkevičienė, Vaiva Vaikšnorienė, Žaneta Mickienė, Sandrija Čapkauskienė


The ageing process causes both natural as well as chronic, ultraviolet light-induced hands skin changes. Changes of skin texture and pigmentation, reduction in skin elasticity, soft tissue atrophy, loss of volume and visible wrinkles formation are well characterized features of ageing skin. In order to revitalize mature skin, one of the increasingly proposed measures are chemical peels. Chemical peels moisturizes the skin, smoothe wrinkles, increase elasticity. The aim was to evaluate the effect of chemical peels on ageing hands skin. Research methods: 1. Hands skin evaluation with the diagnostic apparatus ,,Soft Skin Analyzer Plus; 2. Chemical peels procedures. It was carried out 4 procedures course: Lactic acid peel was used on the right-hand, Jessner acid peel – on left hand. Eleven, 50-60 year-old women participated in this study. Results: different chemical peels increased the humidity of mature hands skin compared to baselin – the increment of the right arm was from 9.5 percent. to 21.4 percent., of the left arm – from 19.3 percent. to 38.5 percent. (p<0.05). Skin elasticity improved from 48.7 to 50.00 percent. for both hands. Wrinkle depth was significantly reduced: decline of the right arm was from 8.9 mm to 5.2 mm, of the left arm – from 8.2 mm to 5.9 mm (p<0.05). Ageing hands pigmentation and keratin level also decreased (p<0.05). Comparing chemical peeling procedures on the left and the right hands, there were no significant difference of all indexes (p>0.05). Conclusions: different chemical peels – Lactic acid and Jessner – increased ageing hands skin humidity, improved elasticity and depth of the wrinkles, declined pigmentation and keratin levels. But different chemical peels effect for left and right hands was similar, because all the investigated indexess – moisture, elasticity, depth of wrinkles, pigmentation and keratin level – didn‘t differ between the hands (p>0.05).

Keyword(s): chemical peels; mature hands skin; ageing.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2016.091
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