Žygimantas Laureckas, Tautvydas Rugelis, Diana Rinkūnienė, Vytautas Zabiela, Tomas Kazakevičius, Vytis Bajoriūnas, Egidijus Gaučas, Andrius Macas, Aras Puodžiukynas


This case report presents the effectiveness of stellate gan­glion ablation for the control of persistent ventricular tachycardia (VT) resistant to standard therapies. A male patient in his 60s with a history of ischemic cardiomyo­pathy, implanted cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD), and recent coronary angioplasty experienced multiple daily recurrent VT episodes. Runs of low-rate VT episodes persisted despite extensive medical and interventional efforts. Unlike previous procedures, blockade of stellate ganglion and consequent thoracoscopic stellate ganglion ablation resulted in complete suppression of arrhythmia. The report highlights the promising outcomes of a holis­tic approach involving explorative percutaneous stellate ganglion blockade and consequent ablation of stellate ganglion for sympathetic denervation, offering potential improvement in challenging clinical scenarios.

Keyword(s): cardiac sympathetic denervation, persistent ventricular tachycardia, stellate ganglion ablation.

DOI: 10.35988/sm-hs.2024.090
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