Tatjana Orlovskytė, Irena Marčiukaitienė, Genovaitė Lapinskaitė, Raimundas Meškauskas, Matilda Bylaitė-Bučinskienė


The symptoms of amyloidosis depend directly on the localization of amyloid deposits: it can be accumulated in only one body organ (localized amyloidosis) or in more than one organ system (systemic amyloidosis). The possibility of skin lesions exists in both cases. Cutaneous amyloidosis and skin changes induced by systemic amyloidosis are diagnosed significantly more often in Southeast Asia, China and South America than in Europe. The aim of this article was to review the forms of cutaneous amyloidosis, the main skin changes induced by systemic amyloidosis, symptoms, diagnosis and methods of treatment. Despite of the big diversity of the symptoms, some of them could be very important in the diagnosis of both localized cutaneous and systemic amyloidosis. The review of the newest publications of cutaneous amyloidosis, the comprehensive classification, symptoms and the main principles of diagnosis and treatment are presented.

Article in Lithuanian

Keyword(s): amyloidosis; amyloid; localized cutaneous amyloidosis; systemic amyloidosis
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.133
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