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Fertility awareness methods of family planning are based on the scientific knowledge about the woman’s menstrual cycle and the fact that a woman can easily identify the signs of her fertility, mainly the changes in vulvar observations of cervical mucus, the basal body temperature shift and changes occurring in the cervix. The couple can then choose to adapt their sexual behavior to their intention of avoiding or achieving pregnancy. The Bilings Ovulation Method, the Creighton Model System and Two Day method are based in the observation of cervical mucus. The Symptothermal method combines the detection of the basal body temperature shift with mucus observation and sometimes palpation of the cervix. Contrarily to a widespread idea, recent fertility awareness based methods of family planning have effectiveness comparable to those of contraception. In a year of use, the unintended pregnancy rate is 0,5-5% for perfect use and 3-20% for typical use.

Keyword(s): Fertility awareness, cervical mucus, basal body temperature, unintended pregnancy rate.
DOI: 10.5200/57
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