Waldemar Woźniak


Resocialization is a complex and difficult process if only due to its targeting individuals in specifically critical situations that is those imprisoned, gravely demoralized socially, which shows in case of the perpetrators of particularly vicious murders. They can use their brutal act to dominate in the given prison group. During their imprisonment, they seem immune to the classical resocialization paradigm. Thus, the resocialization process should have new elements introduced, such as consultancy, various forms of help and volunteering. Such activities can be labeled as ‘social resocialization’, to use the term authored by Professor P. Stępniak.

Keyword(s): resocialization; prison; penitentiary system; prisoners’ crises; murderers; particular viciousness; social work; social resocialization.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2016.011
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