Alina Pūrienė, Irena Balčiūnienė, Povilas Drobnys, Ričardas Kubilius, Inguna Grinvalde, Edvitar Leibur


Dentist’s personality values are known to be one of the most important qualities on which professionalismis based on. The aim of this study was to find out which attributes, according to Baltic dental students,are the most important for a “reliable dentist”.Material and methods. 190 Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian dental students were given an anonymous questionnaire. The questionnaire included a number of questions about dentist’s personality, work and scientific activity attributes. The answers about the importance of dentist’s personality attributes were presented on a 5-point Likert scale, allocated accordingto the level of importance with the given dentist’squality.Results. 113 respondents (60%) were Lithuanian dental students, 30 (16%) were Latvian and 45 (24%) were Estonian students. Lithuanian students’ response rate was 90,4%, Latvian – 83,3%, Estonian– 58%. 88% Lithuanian, 93% Latvian and 97% Estonian respondents accentuated the importance of behaviour during painful and unpleasant proceduresand pain management. Ability to control stressful situations was more essential for Estonian (p<0,001) and Latvian students (p=0,007) than for Lithuanian respondents. Self confidence was more appreciated by Estonians than by Lithuanian dentalstudents (p=0.045). Dentist’s gender was more valued by male respondents (p<0,05). Estonians and Latvians accentuated dentist‘s gender, empathy, neat clothing and punctuality more than Lithuanian students (p<0.05).Conclusions: This study clearly revealed Baltic students’attitude to the importance of reliable dentist’s personality attributes, which is important in educatingstudents and undergraduates, developing and improving dental study programs.Many patients are known to choose a reliable dentist.Being reliable is a vigorous and challenging task, involving many professional and ethical responsibilities.Professionals are expected to be not only communicative, emphatic, respecting patient’s confidentiality, maintaining appropriate relations with patients etc., but also be committed to lifelong learning and be responsible for maintaining the medicalknowledge, clinical and team-skills necessary for the provision of quality care. Dentist’s personalityattributes are known to be one of the most importantqualities on which professionalism is based on. The key mission of dental education is development of student professionalism [1]. Therefore, we decidedto identify Baltic students’ views on the most important personality attributes that should be possessedby a „reliable dentist“.

Keyword(s): students‘ views, reliable dentist, personality values.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2014.036
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