Aldona Šiurkutė, Marius Karnickas, Eglė Ulevičiūtė-Šigajevienė, Jūratė Lengvenienė, Valentinas Mačiulis


There are many classifications of affective disorders. Differences in approach to depression syndrome lead to new suggestions, comments rating, correction of mental disorders diagnostic methods. We use new, though long known concepts as subclinical, subsyndromal symptoms, mixed affective disorder. Depressive disorder is a common disease faced by doctors in various specialties. Depressive symptoms can mimic a variety of somatic diseases and sometimes take a dangerously long time to be recognized. In clinical practice we are often monitoring ambiguous evaluation of depressive psychopathology, putting priority to pragmatism. However, before initiating adequate treatment it is important for clinicians to assess psychopathological expression of depression syndrome, together with clinical characteristics and the course of disease. We have studied 124 patients, who were treated in the hospital with recurrent depressive disorder, analyzed various psychopathological features and their connection with the course of disease and prognosis.

Keyword(s): depression; anxious depression; anesthetic depression; melancholic depression; apathetic-adynamic depression; dysphoric depression; hypochondriac depression; antidepressants; treatment-resistant depression; electroconvulsive therapy; transcranial magnetic
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2016.006
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