Saulius Vaivada, Vilma Žydžiūnaitė


Research context. Participation in healthy life style education within non-governmental organizations (NGO) establishes favorable conditions for personal self-education. Healthy life style is the particular direction of self-education, which fulfills the conditions for holistic development. It incorporates the physical, mental, social and spiritual development, which is attached to relevant levels of personal health.Research subject is the holistic self-education. Research purpose is to disclose dimensions that substantiate the holistic self-education, when person participates in healthy life style education within NGO’s. Research methods. Data were collected with semi-structured interviews and analyzed by applying the qualitative content analysis. Findings. The established research-based model discloses experiences and perceptions on self-education of participants who were involved into healthy life style education within NGO’s. The content of the model incorporates different contexts, assumptions, self-education strategies, intervening conditions and outcomes. Conclusion. The self-education is meaningful process when the person establishees constructive relationships with the self and others through exeprienced learning. Results of holistic self-education within healthy life style are related to transformations of personality and quality of life style.

Keyword(s): self-education; healthy life style; self-education of healhty life style; non-governmental organization.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.110
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