Erikas Mačiūnas


SummaryOdours as such may possess pleasant and unpleasant properties. Unpleasant and annoying odours belong to one the most complex issues of air pollution, public health and quality of life. Odor control within living environment along with development and validation of odor regulatory documentation is considered as currently emerging approach  lacking  attention from scientific forces and reliable scientific information in Lithuania. Today, after extensive discussions with interested parties during process of approval of Lithuanian Regulatory Standard HN 121:2010, and based on international experience odor maximum allowable  standard of 8 European odor units had been established. State Public Health Control and Surveillance institutions are in process of elaboration of practical guidelines for odor control and available analytical reports still miss adequate odor management information.

Keyword(s): Odours, quality of life, public health risks, public health control.
DOI: 10.5200/18
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