Nora Šiupšinskienė, Ligita Švagždytė, Geriuldas Žiliukas


The epidemiological monitoring and clinical studies as well as the results of experimental research are revealing that the amount of patients diagnosed with head and neck cancer are increasing in all-over the world. The survival rate of head and neck cancer is one of the poorest between basic cancer survival rates and in average is reaching only 5 years. The aim of the study was to analyze nursing problems in the head and neck cancer patients. Anonymous survey with originally composed questionnaire was accomplished by 48 nurses (mean age 43.5±8.7 yrs.) randomly selected from four departments dealing with head and neck cancer patients. Questionnaire included information about main troubles of cancer patients and nursing problems of such patients. More than two thirds of nurses indicated that the main troubles of head and neck cancer patients are difficulties in speech, voice and swallowing also psychoemotional distress in connection with cancer diagnosis, prognosis and tumour location. More than a half of study nurses indicated that the main nursing problems for oncological patients care are painful ulcerations in the head and neck area, large purulent wounds and communication difficulties. Around 90 percent of nurses were experiencing negative emotions associated with the oncological patients care. Irritation and sadness of nurses increased with the nurses’ age and experience of oncological work.

Keyword(s): Heand and neck cancer; oncology nursing; nursing problems
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.026
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